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Dear Stay at Home Mama

Dear Stay at Home Mama, I see you. Exhausted, cleaning up piles of dirty dishes and sweeping the same floors for the 32nd time today in your stained up oversized tee-shirt, messy top knot hair…for the 4th day in a row. You wonder if anyone even notices. Not just the uncountable hours of unseen work… Continue reading Dear Stay at Home Mama


honest words

how good men liberate women.

Our daughter Olivia turns 11 next week. Her dad and I are watching her begin to leave her little girlhood behind and step into a new world of womanhood. (sigh) Little girls are so much less complicated than little women. Though mothers have enormous impact on our daughters, I have come to realize just how… Continue reading how good men liberate women.

honest words

a gentle reminder that it’s okay to stop faking it.

  When I was a little girl, I might just have been the queen of pretending. Almost every memory of play I can remember revolves around an imaginary world of pretending I was a princess, or a famous singer, a wife and mommy, a girl who lives alone in the woods surviving on berries and… Continue reading a gentle reminder that it’s okay to stop faking it.