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The Scandal of Grace {Can I Come Home?}

In the months after the affair what I struggled with most was not feeling like I had a right to be home, under his roof, in his bed. Who was I and why did I deserve grace? Guilt. Shame. Condemnation. Self-pity. Self-righteous pride. “How could I have done that? How could I have allowed this… Continue reading The Scandal of Grace {Can I Come Home?}

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The Scandal Of Grace {Encountering Grace}

That first night alone in our hotel room was heartbreaking and painful in every way. There was nothing warm and fuzzy about this little spur of the moment getaway together. It was the dead of winter and everything felt cold. It was all so much deeper than just the affair alone, we both knew it.… Continue reading The Scandal Of Grace {Encountering Grace}

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on betrayal, divorce, & healing: Rebecca’s story

{The main purpose of this blog is to be a place to be authentic and honest with ourselves and with the rest of the world. Now, I realize that is just not everyone’s cup of tea. Some would say it is best to let secrets lie and to keep the dirt of life hidden under the… Continue reading on betrayal, divorce, & healing: Rebecca’s story