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When God Doesn’t Make Sense

I write this on the sixth of January, 2020. The first year of a brand new decade. I adore change, so how my heart delights in a new season. But though the calendar has turned the time, my dark season has yet to lift, and I find myself feeling no further from a season of… Continue reading When God Doesn’t Make Sense

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The Scandal of Grace {Beautifully Broken}

It sounds terribly dramatic, but there were days I wanted to die. I still can’t explain all of why, but I felt soiled and ashamed – fallen. I didn’t want to live anymore. I went to bed at night asking God to have mercy on me and just let me stay asleep and not wake up.… Continue reading The Scandal of Grace {Beautifully Broken}

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when you need bubble wrap for your heart

“The human heart is exquisitely fragile. Our judgments need to be gentle, our understanding deep, and our forgiveness wide.” – Ron Rolheiser **** If I’m completely honest, I would admit that I haven’t exactly hit the ground running in 2016. The new year, which is supposed to be a time filled with fresh starts and newly… Continue reading when you need bubble wrap for your heart