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Rowells 20Hi, I’m Rachel!

Those who know me best would tell you that I’m an audacious, coffee addict with a propensity to open my mouth and forget to sugar coat what comes out. When I’m not writing stories in my head, I’m busy living out my story. Homeschooling, RV dwelling, writer, musician, wife, mother, and full time student describe a few of the details of my life but mostly by life has been permanently altered by the indescribable scandal of what happens when grace collides with all of my imperfections and failures.

Hang around for just a while and you’re sure to find that though the details of out lives may be different, we are very much the same. If I could sit across from you for an hour of two and share a good cup of coffee as I love to do, the writings found here are some of the words I would say to you.

I think most of us dream of being free to be honest, to be free to be authentically who we are, nothing more. Besides, anything else is just exhausting wouldn’t you agree? Let’s just cut the frills and be completely honest for a while shall we?

This blog is my go at that….

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