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let’s just be honest.


Hi !

Welcome to theREALrachelrowell.com! I could tell you that the reason behind starting a brand new blog from scratch is growth, or that I’m just such an awesome person that I need multiple blogs to contain my amazingness. But the honest truth is that my stellar memory and organizational skills got me a fast pass to an expired web domain at my last blog site in which I lost four years of writing, never to be recovered again.

Was I devastated? Not really. Because I’ve realized that nothing I have to say is the Gospel or is indispensable, and that my words and neatly manicured images are not the whole of my life, nor do they reflect most of who I really am.

 And why the no-makeup, subpar quality, non-filtered image as my choice for the first post of a brand new blog? It would seem more appropriate to fill my little corner of the inter-webs with neatly articulated, inspiring, sugary words along with dreamy images of family photo shoots and picturesque moments with my children. And there may indeed be genuine times for that. I just know that sometimes in life you get forced to start all over from the ground again. Some might call that failure, I like to call it a “do-over.” And so I figure that a clean slate is as good of a time as any to just be completely honest.

Here’s my go at that…..

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the power of a private and public life lived authentically. I know one thing, stories are powerful. And the details of our everyday lives is our story we are telling the world. And just maybe that is more powerful than pinterest and instagram feeds could ever dream of being.

The truth is that some most days it’s less exhausting to not always have to put on my best face and all forms of attempted perfection, achievement, and social approval via filtering words and photographs, political correctness, and drawing crowds is just plain exhausting. It isn’t at all where I want to place the spotlight in my life.

I’ve been asking myself what I desire out of life. I mean what do I REALLY want so badly that I would risk appearing absolutely ridiculous? What do I want my life to accomplish? More than anything in the world I want to spread hope and inspire others towards truth through living a life of authenticity.

I want others to feel less alone because I did not withhold my own struggles. I want others to find some measure of healing because I shared my pain. I want others to find hope in my honest stories and confessions.

One of our greatest human needs is to know that we are accepted just as we are, and that we are not alone. Pretending we’ve got it all together will never free others.

And so, I’ve decided to take this very personal journey to find out what good might happen if I trade in my propensity towards nice sounding, sugar coated words and the veils we tend to hide behind and say, “Let me just be honest….

In our raw honesty, flaws and all, we free ourselves to be human again; to depend on something so much greater than ourselves to survive in the dark times and to thrive and shine bright in the good ones. What we might discover is that we are more alone in our quest for perfection than we could ever be in our stripped bare honest humanity.

There is hope to be found in honest stories, and the very best of life is found in authentic living.

It is my sincere hope that you find both here.

4 thoughts on “let’s just be honest.

  1. …& I just love you. I sincerely do. I can honestly tell you I am walking the same journey and there is such freedom and joy! You’re stunning (inside & out) and I have loved seeing you navigate this thing called, “Life”. Hats off to you my dear, may you find failure, success, meaning and hope… In greater capacities and may you always know you have a kindred spirit in me. XOXO


  2. An intriguing iscussion is definitely wokrth comment. There’s no doubt that that
    you should publish more about this topic, it mighht not be a taboo subject but usually folks don’t discuss these issues.
    To the next! Best wishes!!


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